Friday, January 22, 2010

Sometimes a piece of work just gets stuck, and I begin to wonder if it's gone to Never Land (as in never to be retrieved).  Sometimes, though, it suddenly falls into place after a long, long time in limbo.

That's what happened with Perpetual Astonishment, and that's what happened with this piece.

I call this one Comet.

And you can get it here!

My favorite blues...and they look amazing in that dark wood frame. 

I think I need some red now, though!


Green Hand Studio said...

wow this piece is really awesome.
I went to your shop after a long time not visiting and I was amazed of all your new line of fabric art.
really beautiful!!
big hug

Unknown said...

Thanks, Barbara! I'm still waiting for a sale on Etsy for my new stuff, though!

Mary Jardin said...


Saimese said...

Love this one & all the colours in it. Stunning

Unknown said...

Thanks, Mary, Saim.