Friday, February 19, 2010

Dreaming in White

When I imagine my dream space, it's always white.  White may seem sterile and impersonal to some, and it can be that way sometimes, depending on how it's being used, and of course there's the question of keeping it well, white.

white is so liberating, so clean, so fresh, and so incredibly versatile.

You can play with textures in an all-white room, or just simply combine it with another favorite color.  Small touches of bright hues shine against a crisp white backdrop.  The results is usually stunning.

For a period of time, a long time ago, I had a red and white room.  I still remember that space with fondness.  This is a tribute to that old room of mine.

They are not real rooms, but clever renderings (look closely!) and only some of them have names of the designer, but they are all pretty fab, don't you think?

When I studied design, making perspective drawings was one of my favorite subjects, and I made a LOT of white rooms!!!  Those were all done by hand, but computer renderings are now the norm, and look real enough to deceive.

In any case, they are a great way of playing with color without the fear of commitment!

Do you have a dream-space dream color?



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