Thursday, March 11, 2010


The very lovely Christine has a beautiful blog that features unique handmade treasures.  I just love the artists and artisans she picks.  I was actually unaware of this blog until Christine emailed me several weeks ago to let me know she had featured my work on it.  That's when I discovered this amazing collection of beautiful things, and I was SO honored to be part of it!

It's funny; I sometimes agonize that my work doesn't seem to bear a stamp that says 'Azra Momin'.  Probably because I'm constantly trying new materials and new outcomes.  I've almost come to accept that I will never have a signature look - it will always be in a process of evolution.

Well then, when I took a look at the pieces from my shop that Christine picked for her blog feature, I was quite amazed.  Those pieces all DO look like the same person made them - ME!  YAY!

And you can see them all here!

Incidentally, the first piece in the feature, and another one that I made at the same time, were both picked for Etsy treasuries.  It's funny coz I really wouldn't have expected it for either of these pieces.  Just goes to show you never know!

Rain On Me


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Green Hand Studio said...

I have the same impression with my work, and i always have the feeling it does not have a common line as i am always changing...
but your work definately has a caracter.
it is an evolution of you, and you were really delicate pale colors last year and you are more energetic, vivid colors this year.... my opinion

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment, Barbara. I must say I feel the same about your work - you are so diverse but all your work is so Barbara-like :)

As for my colors - I think they've always been all over the place, both pale and vivid. It's my subject matter/style/product that seems very varied to me...

But I'm glad it doesn't seem that way to at least some other people!

Thank you!