Monday, May 17, 2010

Knock, knock!!

Oooh, I'm still here - just totally neglecting my blog lately.  And my shop.

  Life is full, though! 

Between getting our house ready for sale, I illustrated one of the two books I had to work on, finished a large fabric necklace for a custom order, and started work on two ENORMOUS canvases (at 6 feet by 4 feet, these beauties dwarf me completely :)) for another custom order!

Some quick pics:

After a good coat of gesso, I painted on a mix of red, green and yellow that yielded a brown so choclaty that it even smelled like chocolate!!  Then I drew a rough sketch of the Toronto skyline using plain chalk.

The client wants the CN tower (of course) on one,
and more buildings on the other.

The sky roughed in.

This is the other canvas, also with the sky done so far.

And here's the fabric necklace I was working on as well...

This custom piece, already delivered, is based on my earlier piece called "My Favorite Playground", which I sold at the WhoKnew show in April
to a very sweet girl. 
And drawings from the latest book I illustrated...
need to start working on the other one soon,
since the publisher sent me two at once!

I love being busy!


Green Hand Studio said...

wow ...and you are busy!!!
i love that necklace!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Barbara! The original necklace was snapped up as soon as I exhibited it, which surprised me since it was so big! I really didn't think anyone would want it! It's always hard for me to create another piece similar to something I've made before, but I guess the second version came out OK least the customer loved it!