Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art Is A Refuge...

The sordid mess of the oil spill, the G20 fiasco, the senseless brutality at a local animal park - enough!  As if it's not hard enough trying to just live a simple, clean life.  Try avoiding plasitc, or eliminating foods containing soy, for instance.  Each of these is a post in itself, but they are not what this post is about.  This post is about the hope that keeps us going, and allows us to do things that redeem us again and again. 
Random acts of kindness, a new baby, a smile from a stranger
- thank God for these things.

And art.

Art is the result of creativity, and creativity is a connection with the universe and it's Creator.  No matter how small or sporadic, it is still a vital connection.  I know everytime I make something I am recharged and refreshed, even if I have dry spells when nothing materializes.

We are in between homes - our cute little condo now belongs to someone else, and we have not yet found our next dwelling - so most of my time is being spent house-hunting!  Meanwhile I still have two books to illustrate.  Which means I haven't painted, and haven't made any fabric art, or jewelry.  But about a month ago I made these (and more stuff that I've yet to take pictures of), and yesterday I took some quick (and not so good) pics.  Ah - just looking at them charged me up again!  Yay for handmade!

These are all defintely Nature-inspired!

Pink and orange and green - tropical yumminess for a forest princess.

A fuzzy moss-inspired cuff in woodsy colors...

  This one has it all - fabric, fused, recycled plastic, metal, ribbon, sequins, 
and lots and lots of beads...

Fusing the colored part of the scrap plastic was an experiment, but it was worth the idea
- I got a swirly, textured look I could not have contrived!

I fused some red plastic (from a clothing store bag) and hand-shaped it
to make this huge flower ring. 
It has a weathered, leathery look that came out great.

Layers of fused plastic, beads and a shred of gold melted in for shabby/industrial chic.

So there you are - makes you forget about horrible things, doesn't it?

Until next time, Peace!


Anonymous said...

The cuff is beautiful! The colours and design are very original. The two rings are also very gorgeous. I would definitely wear them.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Keller! I had flowers on my mind!

NeverEver said...


I am so... wow... mashaAllah, those are so gorgeous. I cannot believe that you made those! I especially love that cuff and the rings.

wow. MashaAllah

:-D Also thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a note. I'm really grateful that you did so that I could come and find yours!!


Fruitful Fusion said...

What a beautiful beautiful blog!!! I love your work! Thank you so much for stopping at my blog as it has brought me over to yours!!!

Anonymous said...

hello, im not changing my mind about loving your work, im just letting you know that ive changed my blog/ klog website address and name a little bit? its now
i dont know if that changes how people follow you or not? im still new at this! just wanted to let you know cause i think youre cool, and didnt want to lose you as a follower!!!

Rukhpar Mor said...

Very beautiful=)

Abdullah said...

:) big smiley.... i tink i always write it... but it still amazes me how u keep doing new stuff appa :) Mashallah... i dont knw the utilitarian perspective, but the colours look great! also the photographs u'd put up earlier were just beautiful!!!! :) love aisha's blog :) cute!!!


AH said...

Your work is so magnificent mashaAllah. Keep it up!

Fatima said...

woow I love it!