Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm always sorry to see Ramadan go, but Eid is a wonderful way to say goodbye to this month of blessings.  It's great to make your own decorations and gifts - handmade rules! - and I wanted something that would do double duty, since I already have two shows in a few days that I need to prepare for as well...

If you remember, some of the beautiful rocks I collected last summer
I turned into this:

It took me a LOT of time!

I had more rocks left over that were so inspiring in their lovely, soft shapes, but I did not have the hours to cover them up in fabric. 
I still wanted to use them for an Eid decoration idea.

So I decoupaged them with used gift tissue (hey, I love the three R's!) and then remembered my white pens, with which I'd had a lot of fun
until I forgot about them.

Remember these?

So this is what I did:

The layers of tissue paper created a wonderful, subtle leathery texture, and the varnish gives them a very lacquered look, with their
deep, deep, shiny, shiny red. 

I'm also making some in my favorite, black and white!

They look great as Eid decorations,
but will also make wonderful gifts, InshaAllah.

If you are celebrating it, have a wonderful Eid!


JulesMae said...

The rocks are fantastic! I love that you combined something hard and rugged and inflexible with a soft, supple, flexible material like fabric. And, I really like the white on dark designs on the shiny rocks!!!

DarkRide said...

The site looks fantastic, Azra! I love the new fabric works! Looking forward to seeing you at the Market next week!

Anonymous said...

I love the designs. Black ones would be really cool! Way to be creative!

Eva said...

wooow mashaAllah those are absolutely beautiful, it makes me want to go out and collect some rocks to make my own very very lovely Eid Mubarak to you and yours!

Cao said...

Very creative and cool idea. They look so "juicy" as you would put it. xxx