Thursday, September 16, 2010

Life and Learning

Idzie, who writes a thoughtful and illuminating blog about unschooling, was one of the speakers at the Toronto Unschooling Conference this past weekend.  For those who couldn't attend (like myself), she has broken down her speech and is posting it on her blog in installments. 
I just read the first part, and I really like these words of hers:

Unschooling, at its heart, is nothing more complicated or simple than
the realization that life and learning are not two separate things
And when you realize that living and learning are inseparable,
it all starts to truly make sense.

There are many reasons why some parents choose to not send their kids to school.  For me, it's less about the cons of institutionalized learning than it is about the pros of learning from real life, and most importantly, playing an active part in that learning - it's so much fun to discover the world along with my LittleOne, why would I not want to be part of this wonderful journey?

Do you homeschool, or unschool, and why? 


Anonymous said...

My sister unschools, and I know she was disappointed that she couldn't make it either!

Eva said...

yaa I'm thinking about homeschooling. my daughter is still preschool age but we're having lots of fun and I would definitely love to continue. I'm just going along with it one day at a time and will make an official decision once the time for kindergarten comes :)