Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall In The Water

The breeze sounds different in Fall.

It must be because of the leaves being a different texture and feel.

Fall is magical even in its reflections,
even when you can't hear the breeze, only see its results.


If the leaves are falling in your part of the world,

take a moment to marvel at it all...


Anonymous said...

I never thought of the wind in that way--that's interesting. Your pictures look like Monets', by the way!

Unknown said...

Ah, Monet! I wish I'd been closer to the water, and that there were more leaves in it...

By the way (if you're reading this), why are you neglecting your klog? I'm waiting for the next post!!

Anonymous said...

I posted one, and I hereby dedicate it to your daughter, the fellow tripper! There needs to be a Tripping Anonymous group, I'm telling you!

Unknown said...

Hee hee - thank you! I read, I laughed, I felt good :)