Monday, November 15, 2010

Flames Of The Forest

Oh, these are BRIGHT!

This first brooch I did with my usual layering of fabrics with the machine,
then layering some more by hand, and then embellishing the whole thing,
by hand of course.

On this piece I have let the edges be, but for a lot of my jewelry I sew up the exposed edges, and it can take a lot of time, like on this necklace:

And then I discovered fusible web.

I never knew about FUSIBLE WEB!!! 

The salesperson told me the kind I bought was non-woven,
whatever that meant. 
Anyhow, it was the only kind they had. 
So I bought a meter of the gauzy thing, and voila - new technique!.
This multicolored flower (brooch? fascinator?)
has the magic touch of fusible web.

Now I thought fusible web was useful for sticking two fabrics to each other, and maybe some kinds are, but this kind turned out to just be adhesive on one side.  So when I sandwiched the web between the two fabrics that I wanted to adhere to each other, it only stuck to one.

Still, I ended up with fortified petal shapes, and a fortified base shape,
and sewing the two together turned out much easier than my older technique.
Also, I didnt have to worry about the edges -
the webbing stops them from fraying!

I have much to learn about the different kinds of fusible webs out there
(is interfacing the same thing??)
but it looks like it'll be a fun thing to explore.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE that brooch. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.
PS: Fusible web is not ever woven, I don't think? It's that or knitted? And I have never seen a one sided adhesive web. I only ever see two sided! Hmm..sounds fun to play with though..

Unknown said...

Thank you, Keller!!!

I did go back and get the right kind of fusible web - they called it StitchWitchery : )

Zaufishan said...

lol - yeah fusible web, it's "sprayed glue" - use an iron to adhere two or more pieces of fabric together. If you (waste your time) study Textiles you pick up all these applique, layering, stitching and seam techniques. Bondaweb is a brand name you might want to look into to. For your jewellery, try "angelina" fibres, buy the neon ones, you iron them together and sew, stamp or write over them. And look into Japanese beads, quilling your own and craft wire. (:

I'm so glad there's another textile diva out there. Masha'Allah.