Monday, January 31, 2011


Eeek!  Where did this month go???

I have lazed around, and lazed around, get the picture. 
 Lots of Agatha Christie, tea by the bucketfuls  (bucketsfull?),
and a LOT of Star Trek after the LittleOne's beddy-bye. 
 Oh yes, good times.

But now I have a new computer, and well,
I guess I can't hide behind any excuses any more.

Just to give you an idea of HOW lazy I've been,
here's a picture I took in NOVEMBER - that's right.
I know.  So last year.  But here it is:

A luscious book about the birth of an orange in sunny climes,
and its long journey to a very cold place (looks very much like Canada). 
And how it is then shared by a bunch of kids playing in the snow.  We were enjoying some juicy watermelon that day which had doubtless undertaken a similar journey to get to our table, and I thought it made a cool pic. 
 Which I forgot to upload, of course.  Until now.

Weirdly appropriate, don't you think, since it's now January?

Or will be, for a few hours more :)

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