Friday, February 4, 2011

Color, and a prayer

It's white, white outside, so I made me some color...

A funky fabric bag

To go with some funky fabric jewelry

Bring on the snow...

Although, with the storm we had a couple days ago, 
and the snow swirling around us,
I couldn't help thinking how incredibly fortunate
we are to have a roof over our heads
 and every comfort to cater to our every need. 
I couldn't help thinking of the many who are without a home,
 without warmth, without even food. 
Inconceivable, but so real for so many. 
Like I said to the Little One,
the least we can do is pray for such people,
pray for their comfort and safety. 
But that is not the least we should do. 

We all have the capacity to help, and there are
many small ways to do so, both locally and online.

We do food banks and blood donations
(DaddyBoy goes every other month),
and each year instead of doing birthday parties

we sponsor a child in the LittleOne's name,
but I also hope to volunteer at a soup kitchen
with her when she's a little older.
Until then, there are so many other small ways to pitch in.
May the cold not be too cold for anyone...


Unknown said...

This reminds me so much of my Textile studies, I adore the funky freestyling of this.

In the UK there are annual Textile & Embroidery shows in Harrogate - your work is equal if not greater to their standard!

Jazakallah khairan, (:

Unknown said...

Seriously? I see all these accomplished textile artists and I can't imagine comparing myself to them...I'm the outsider/self-taught/novice/fumbling neophyte.

But thank you!!!

Julie said...

Well put, Azra ... and lovely handbag and jewelery!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Julie!

Zarina Hassem said...

As-salaamu-alaykum sister- You have been awarded with the Stylish Blogger Award- You can check this out at:

Little Auntie said...

Asalamu aliaukam!

Ma'shaAllah, you are really talented. I love the fabric bag so much. I'd totally buy it, hehe :) But what I love even more ma'sahAllah is the fact that you and your family are actively trying to help others, ma'sahallah. I think volunteering with your daughter in a soup kitchen is such a good idea, ma'shaAllah =)

Unknown said...

Zarina, Little Aunty - thank you for the kind remarks :)

Blue Pearl said...

Mashallah on your charity events and I just absolutely love your creations!!!! Beautiful