Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Minty Green Butterflies

What happens when you mix blue with yellow,
or actually, greeny-yellow?
Minty green, of course!

The NanoBot had her fingers in the making of this,
but that was the best part. 
I love 'cooking' with her!

I found this playdough recipe at mini-eco here.
(can you believe those yummy natural colors???)

We wanted blue playdough, but didn't have any red cabbage left,

(chop some and pour boiling water over it,
and you get an intense blue dye
-also thanks to mini-eco.  You MUST check out this fabulous blog)

so I improvised with drink crystals
(which we only use for coloring stuff - haven't tasted them yet :))

The drink crystals were a lovely blue,
but the recipe calls for cooking oil,
and I only had olive oil.

That's where the blue+greeny yellow part happened.

The resulting color was a gorgeous icy green - so cool!

The butterfly pic was taken as daylight was just fading,
and shows the color accurately.

We made lots more butterflies, then put the cookie cutter away.

These pics were taken in yellow light.

I made a bunny face, and the LittleOne made some monsters.

This was the color of the drink crystals
(no idea what flavor that is - I just picked it up for its hue!)

It made for a good lesson in color mixing!


Stephanie Rehkopf said...

Very pretty and cute of coarse! The googly-eyed critters are definately my favourite. Robin's egg blue. I love that colour.

Kate said...

Hi Azra,

So sorry my contact page isn't working....it was yesterday so obviously something has gone amiss! Your blue/green playdough is amazing. Such a lovely colour.

Lovely to meet you and your blog. Visit again soon! Kate :)

Anonymous said...

I really just wanna eat those...
Btw, I'm working on like, 10 posts at once right now, so I should have a whole lot soon!

Unknown said...

Stephanie - I love Robin's egg blue too - but these were minty green - honest!

Kate - you know who inspired this :)

Keller - Since they were all natural (thanks to Kate) and had juice crsytals in them for flavor, I believe you really could have! Looking forward to your 10 posts!