Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey techies, grab my QR!

So, you can just google for QR code generator -  I used this one -
enter a couple of things, and the nifty program will make you
a brand new QR code!

What's a QR code?

Well, duh, something like a bar code but with more info.
And they're all over the place.
And you can make one and use it as a business card
(for instance). 
If you have the app for it, you just scan it with your phone,
and it takes you places.

Here's mine.  Don't it look purdy?
I should make some jewelry with this!!!

Guess where that takes you (hee hee)!  Go on, scan it!

And if my post was all gibberish to you,

Happy scanning :)


Unknown said...

Yup, all gibberish! Read the explanation, made my own code, still don't get it. Will we have to carry bar screening machines everywhere with us?

Umar Shaikh said...

Haha! :) No! You don't need to carry any bar screening machines. Most of the new mobile phones have this feature in-built within them. And if you'll haven't noticed, QR codes have been around for sometime. It's just that its taking more traction now because of the feature being added to mobile phones and being heavily advertised in some places.