Monday, May 30, 2011

My first U.K. book, and some fabric fun

Well, it's not a book YET...but it's been great to work with
a new editor/publisher from a different zone than North America.

Three of the pics...

I did have a lot of fun drawing the cute little redhead character,
and I had fun with the color pallette as well.

The little cat shows up in a lot of the pictures,
but not in all of them, as you can tell from the following two.

The bunny in the flashlight, competing with
the 'deer in the headlights' look :)

Dunno if bunnies chomp down carrots in the dark...
but what good is artistic license if you don't use it?  :)

And a bird's eyeview to dinner.

I still have one more picture to finish and then...
wait for publication!

Somewhere in between, I did some sewing,
but not enough picture-taking.

So here's the only two things my camera snapped up so far:

A coin purse!  My first!  YAY!

Lined inside with a yummy grren and pink printed material,
all from recycled fabric, of course.

Featuring a cute little blue flower and a juicy purple gem,
also and embroidered scrap with a scattering of
purple sequins all around it. very first key fob!

Wool roving in delicious green and pink
on a denim base

plus a lot of found objects

equals a very tactile way to hunt for your keys!

I think I'm gonna keep both things for myself -
I need them!

More later!


Saimese said...

Absolutely adore that coin pouch. I like how you're venturing off into different items! Congrats on the UK book.

P.S. I haven't forgotten about featuring you on my blog. I have one last exam left & then I'll be sending you out a short Q&A sometime next week! :)

Julie said...

Hey! Great illustrations, and that's great about the new publisher!!

Unknown said...

Saim - thank you so much. No rush with the feature - I'm sure you have your hands full!

Unknown said...

Julie - yours are very inspiring too!

Blue Pearl said...

Mashallah how beautiful..I love the way you put the right colors together. Well done.

Sil Frebrian said...

luv 'em...and I like the way you cute!

michelle allen said...

super cute sewing projects and your illustrations are AMAZING!

Unknown said...

Blue Pearl, Sil and Michelle - you guys are awesome. Thank you for your support!