Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Everyday Challenge - Day 2

I must thank Wendy Malowany, fellow homeschooler and entrepreneur, 
for the Art Idea Challenge idea she posted on our homeschooling forum.

I've been far too neglectful of creating something everyday, 
so thank you, Wendy, for spurring me on.

 Do check out Wendy's website for tips and resources for teaching your kids at home as well as for running a business.

Here's my entry for today - 
a simple watercolor on paper.

I like it either way up :)


Wendy Malowany said...

Great watercolour, Azra, and you're welcome! The challenge has really spurred me on to create something every day too, after all I can't very well miss a day when I started it! :-)

Looking forward to seeing more of your work, and everyone else's, as the challenge continues.

Cao said...

Whose hand is that? Oh and beautiful work as always, babe.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Wendy - I guess we can spur each other on :)

Cao, thanks for the encouragement - X. And oh, the hand belongs to an evil ogre who helps me out sometimes with my photography :)