Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art Everyday Challenge - Day 5 and 6

Another watercolor
(these are fun!)

 A couple of drawings by the NanoBot...

She said these are seals who have just been scared by a shark...

The Daddy seal has a lots of hair and a beard.  
I think he really does look terrified.
The other seal is a baby, and has only its head 
sticking out of the water, which may look like a beard, 
but is most emphatically NOT, 
just in case you were mistaken into thinking it was.

And another ditzy doodle by me..


Umar Shaikh said...

Awesome! :) loving the watercolors... loved the little one's drawings even more :) reading her story, it sounds like you've got a Calvin at your place!!!

Oh, and lately I just ran into some cool stuff that I thought I'll share with you (you must be knowing about it already).. .Mokuba ribbons.. i was doing some gift wrapping lately and was looking for ribbons and found the links below.. was just wondering how cool the shop would've been :)

Wendy Malowany said...

Wonderful watercolors and drawing from you daughter! Glad to see you keeping up with the challenge! I must have missed you at MadScience- didn't realize you were there until I saw your post. Next month we definitely need to connect!

Been a bit of a challenge to create something every day with the holiday weekend and other life challenges, but I put a small sketch pad in my purse and will be elaborating on how that has helped on my blog.

Great to see your work!