Friday, October 14, 2011

Art Everyday Challenge - Day 6 to Day 14

Art Everyday...I'm hoping I can get away with CREATING, 
if not POSTING everyday...

This piece above is acrylics and crayons on canvas.

This one is an old drawing I re-colored.

The above is a mishmash of many things, but mainly digital.
 A doodle...

Another doodle...

And some biscuits!

This is from a lovely blog called The Nourishing Gourmet.
You can read the recipe here - it's very worth trying.

There are a couple more things, but I don't have the pics yet...

And also, soon to follow, the NanoBot's work~


Wendy Malowany said...

Hi Azra,

Yes, I am behind in posting images, but creating everyday has started to spark a lot of ideas for more artwork.

I've been using a small sketchbook that I take a long with me so I have been able to continue the challenge, even with recent hectic and sad events this month.

I believe that by actively tapping into your creativity through drawing or other creative acts on a daily basis, it develops more ideas. I plan on continuing the challenge - hope you do too!

Unknown said...

Yeah, me too! I have a whole bunch of images to upload...soon!!!