Thursday, December 8, 2011

More boys!

Some time ago, I was wondering 
why I always get to illustrate stories that feature girls.
I've done a whole string of girl stories.  Back to back.

But right after my post about this,
I got a boy story to do.

And now I have another, and this one features twin boys.

There's yet another book waiting in the wings, and also features
 - you guessed it - a boy!

Here's a sample drawing from the story about the twins...

I made a rough sketch, scanned it, then placed the text on it
(not something I normally have to do since that's 
taken care of at the publishing end)
and then I saw a whole bunch of white space left over, 
so I drew in things with the mouse, straight on my image.

I've sent it to the publisher to see what he thinks.
Once I have the green light, I'll draw the whole thing again by hand.
Properly :)

The kid on his Daddy's lap looks like he has three legs, doesn't it?
I'll definitely need to fix that!

But overall, do you have any ideas or suggestions?


Cao said...

aww I really like these pictures (not that I don't like the other ones too). You can always write a story about me next time...10 year old boy trapped in 30 year old's body.

Azra Momin said...

Hee hee - I'll start working on it. No wait, I have the movie version running the whole time already.