Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All wrapped up and ready to go

Oh December, where did you go?  
And now it's 2012 and January is half gone???

At least I have a little bit to account for my time: 
my latest book with Creative Education and Publishing 
is at the printer's as I type.  Yay!

I had shared some rough drawings before.  
This is their final form:

I used a lot of greens in this one.

And this was the cover spread I designed for it.

A couple more pics from the book:

This was the first time I did a story with twins in it,
and it was twice as much fun :)


Julie said...

Very nice Azra! I love your use of pattern.

Pik said...

Really beautiful illustration! Masha Allah.

Stephanie Rehkopf said...

Nice Azra! I like that everyone has rosy cheeks and how their cat, in the first illustration, has one eye open.

Azra Momin said...

Julie, Pik, Stephanie - thank you so much. I feel I'm finally arriving at a style I can call my own...(among others :))