Friday, March 30, 2012

My favorite thing about Spring

We're having weird weather!
Spring came in, turned into Summer (!!!!), 
Spring went back out, and it became cold...again.
And now it looks like Spring is on it's way back in one more time. 

Flowers showed up a few days ago, 
and little leaves are starting to sprout.

I love shiny new fairy leaves -they're so sweet.

I made this a while ago,
but this is a good time to share it!

Fiddle around a little in Illustrator
when you have leaves on your mind,
and you get  this!
Illustrator is not a program I use much,
but I think I should do it more justice!

I could probably spice up the illo,
but I'm liking the clean, spare look.

Leaves really are my favorite thing about Spring,
well, apart from those magnolias, cherry blossoms, 
and crab apple tress in full bloom...ahhhh.

What's your favorite thing about Spring?

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