Tuesday, March 6, 2012


My poor camel!
It has yet to see the light of day,
although I did make ONE drawing (see below).

This is my first ever camel!

Actually, it's not mine at all...
I looked at a drawing hereand another one here
and made a sketch.

Sort of to get the feel of drawing this strange humped creature.

My own camel will have to be...my own drawing, of course,
but Google is a great help in sticky situations!

Meanwhile, more fabric!

These pics are pretty awful, btw;
it looks much better in person.

I made the bird as a brooch, originally, 
but ended up using it here.
It's painted satin, cut out and edged with cord.
I added beads and embroidery on top - it's pretty sweet,
although you don't see the colors much in these pics.

I like how the right-sized button turned out to have 
Good Luck inscribed on it.

After all, a bird in the bush is worth several in the hand :)

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