Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hats And Salads

Weird mix?
Not when you think SUMMER!!!

OK, so we had another rogue snowfall just last week,
but Spring IS officially here,
which means Summer will be upon us
before you can say ICE CREAM!

I found a lovely cotton hat at the dollar store.
Yup, the dollar store.
It's a sweet unbleached linen look cotton,
but what hat can't use a little dressing up, right?

So ta-da!  Instant reincarnation!
Well, not so instant, actually,
but worth the effort, I think!

I thought I'd make a red and white flower,
but my hand went straight to the blues and greens.

I did put in a white layer too to add a little something :)

And a sequined applique to tie in the juiciness...
I loved the sorbet-like shades, but I hadn't made it for me.
Thankfully, the NanoBot critiqued it and found it wearable - whew!

And now on to the salad!
What looks like tiny birdseed,
grows a tail when cooked,
and is an ancient Inca Super Food to boot?

Why, quinoa, of course!
Quinoa, a complete protein, 
and a gluten-free food 
has been around for thousands of years.
The Incas valued it so much
that they considered it sacred.

So. Wash some quinoa 
- I took a bit of both red and white types - 
soak overnight, rinse and cook until tender, or until 
the quinoa is happy enough to sprout tails 
and be all soft and mushy.
Rinse off with cold water in a fine sieve,
and you're ready to add whatever you like!

I've tried it many different ways,
and it's mild enough to go with 
a bunch of different things.
You can even sub it for rice and oatmeal!

For this salad I used cherry tomatoes, carrots, 
chickpeas, cucumber, apples and parsley
all dressed in lemon juice and olive oil.
Salt and pepper and crumbled feta and a short sojourn
in the fridge to meld the flavors made it delectable.
 You could add cooked meat to this and make it a meal.

Now put on your summer hat and enjoy
this cool treat, will you?

And if you make it some other way, do share!

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