Friday, April 13, 2012

A new listing, and some paintings

Some time ago I posted about my acceptance into 
a textile art project sponsored by the Niagara Region.
We've had one meeting so far where we got to 
meet our fellow artists - there are twelve in all.

I was amazed at their education and experience in the field - 
was I the only one who had never taken courses in art?
And had only been working with fabric less than three years?

Each artist will be working on a panel about 2 feet x 4.5 feet - 
way bigger than anything I've ever done!
We'll be working from photographs,
translating the image into fabric.

They gave me the juiciest photo of all - really!!!
But more on that later.

Today I finished a necklace I've been working on 
for a while, sporadically :)
 Not only that, I also LISTED IT!!!!

It was so much fun to make,
and I feel tempted to keep it for myself,
but I'd really like to sell it too.

Also, today the NanoBot and I messed around 
with some paint and paper.
She made a lovely bluey-green abstract
which I can't find at the moment,
and which she gave me to keep 'as a present'.
So sweet.  I better find that painting!

I scanned some drawings of hers though:

 Aren't they the cutest?

She draws straight with pen - and doesn't like to color.
The text in the second picture was written by me - her request.
She'll be turning 5 in May, my sweet little munchkin :)
I hope her world is always filled with joy.
And I wish I could draw like her!

And for my dear friend Asma,
who has a big, blank purple wall,
I made this:

 Asma works in Toronto,
so I used torn images from a Toronto city guide,
and added parts of an abstract scribble 
that the NanoBot had decorated some note paper with - 
since she is with me all the time while I work,
I thought it fitting to add an element of her presence 
into my collages.

 I stamped on circles with a bottle, a marker cap, even my fingers.
The wall is a deep plummy purple, and my colors 
will complement that, I hope!

I wanted to make them all different,
yet similar enough to hang together.
Asma's other name is Emilia,
and I just happened to find a purple E!

Hope she likes them!



Stephanie Rehkopf said...

Azra, your little one and my little one both turn 5 in May! I adore her drawings - especially the fact she enjoys line drawing. I think there should be a public display of children's artwork somewhere. We could learn so much! (Hey, want to start one?!)

Good work on the necklace! I have a few pieces I have made, that I adore, that I don't know if I could sell.
I know the feeling!

Unknown said...

Stephanie - love the idea of starting a children's artwork display for the public. I'm sure there's great stuff hiding in schools and on refrigerators!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm coming over to check what YOU've been up to :)