Monday, May 7, 2012

Cover design - Book for teen girls

A few days ago I was asked to design a book cover - oh boy.
Hands up everybody who judges a book by its cover - I do!
I'll still give it a chance and read the blurb before I make up my mind,
but I do, do like nice covers on books.

Of course, if the only thing good about the book is its cover, 
you find out pretty quickly.

Anyway, no pressure, right - phew!

I made a sketch - editor loved it.
So far so good.

Then comes the coloring.
And everything goes nuts.


We haven't yet arrived at the final image
(editors and publishers consider a whole whack of factors
before deciding on a cover, so I understand)
but here's my rough drawings.
Can't reveal the tile yet,
but you can say it's a collection of notes about
"life, the Universe and everything", from the little of it that I read.
Notes from a mom to her teenage daughter.
Pretty cool, right?

Remember, these are just at the idea stage still...

I like these last two vintage-y looking ones best.
The one with the closed eyes makes the girl 
look like she's floating away on a dream...

We'll see what gets picked.
(They might all get canned - then we start all over again :))


Hafsah said...

I love the last one the most - with closed eyes!

Unknown said...

I'm with you, Hafsah - I liked that one best too, but my editor has made her pick - the vintage one with the eyes open :)

Ummah said...

I like the last two as well but something about the darker colored one I really like! Masha Allah :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ummah - just checked out your blog too. It's lovely, MashaAllah!

The editor has made her pick - she chose the vintage one with the eyes open. Thank you for your comment!

Anonymous said...


Just found out about this entry. The cover that you're discussing about is for my book.

MasyaAllah, the distance is no more a barrier for us to work along as a team!