Saturday, May 5, 2012

A new book I'm working on, hmmm, 
maybe I should say A new book I'm supposed to be working on 
but don't seem to be making much headway with,
is a poem about a camel
and teaches kindness to animals
(always a topic dear to my heart).

I really wanted to paint these pics by hand, 
but this sample is a mixed input by (wo)man and machine,
and just this one image in its original size is more than 75 MB.

I think I broke my computer with it!

Anyways, it's been sent out for approval
(or otherwise!)
and I'll know soon whether or not it's a go.

Either way, this book will be filled with warm colors,
textures, borders - yum!


Hafsah said...

I want this book for Eesa! I think it is so important to teach children and adults the importance of being kind to animals. It is also a topic that is very dear to me.

Unknown said...

InshaAllah, once I get my copy! This book will take a while to finish, but I'm gonna try and be as fast as I can!

Thanks so much for stopping by!