Monday, July 23, 2012

Color - Textile Project

Continuing on, I've covered the green tissue 
with yellows, browns and more green.

The texture of the paper has given the paints a wonderful depth.

The paints blended beautifully,
but they have left the fabric paper/paper cloth
stiffer than before.

After everything is painted,
I will be adding hand and machine stitching 
as well as bead embellishments.

I'm going to try sewing a part of this material
to see how I can work it.

I've roughly painted in one flower.
The paper cloth is still doing great.

Once all the stamens and other details are filled in,
I hope this will come alive!


Unknown said...

Hi Azra:

Your project is coming along amazingly well. It's beautiful and inspiring. I love your sense of colour and movement. Fantastic that you have the dedication and energy while moving.

Unknown said...

All the very best with your move.