Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How I Help My Neighbors

That's the name of the new book I'm illustrating.
It's written by Julie Mair, and has simple, spare text.

Here are a few quick examples of my pics - 
I hope the whole thing will look good when it's done.

These are all double spreads.

I put the text into the first pic as an example.
The empty areas in the other pics 
will hold the rest of it.

The colors are bright and saturated,
and the outlines bold.

I like to add critters :)

Maybe that cat should be a more funky color!
In fact, I might just do that.

That's it for now - more later!


Cao said...

Super cute drawings - I really love your work but I think the hands could be better sometimes...perhaps I'm being too picky lol.

Unknown said...

The hands...and everything else!!! I know I need to get better, so thank you for being picky - I like picky. But hands (and feet!) are SO hard!