Friday, July 13, 2012

Niagara - Canada Culture Capital for 2012 and the Textile and Mixed Media Art Project

Today I begin documenting my work for the 
textile project I am collaborating on.  
Some months ago I stumbled upon a Facebook post
about this, and went ahead and applied.  

It was just a brief message asking for 
textile artists in Niagara to respond - 
that was enough to get me interested.  
And now here I am - one of the team 
creating textile and mixed media pieces to 
represent the Niagara Escarpment - how exciting!

Basically, we are working from photographs 
(also juried entries) of the escarpment 
and re-imagining them as textile and mixed-media works.
In the end, though, our translation still needs to 
look like the photo we were assigned.

This is the piece I have been given
 - it was truly the yummiest, juiciest picture of the whole lot. 
I feel so lucky 
(and a little intimidated - it's such a complex image)!

It measures 18 inches by almost 5 feet!

Coincidentally, the NanoBot is working on her own
Very Large Project,
so I stuck my image right beside hers.
That way we can spur each other on:)

I looked up about the assignment and this is what I found:
The project is "a collaborative art project as part
of Niagara's 2012 Cultural Capital of Canada celebrations.  

The project requires a variety of textile and mixed media artists,
including hand and machine quilters,
traditional and contemporary quilt artists,
hand and machine embroiderers, felters and beaders,
and artists who work with metal,
paper, plastic, and other materials."

Here are some close-ups:

So much intricate detail - 
and I have to do this all in fabric - yikes!

The sheer size of the project alone is 
bigger than anything I've ever done.

There will be lots of painting, layering and beadwork.
I'll use embroidery too, I think!

But isn't the image just lovely?

Peach blossoms - YAY!

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?
I can't wait to see how each artist (there are about 14 of us)
will translate her or his particular image.
When the panels are all done,
they will become
a permanent exhibit for the Niagara Region.  

More coming soon!


Abdullah said...

All the best appa!!! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece!!! :)


Unknown said...

Thanks, Woody!!! So am I :)
Just pray it gets done in time!

Cao said...

Good luck, babe. I know you can do it, just don't wait until the last minute like you do with some other things ;) Love you.