Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Textile Project: Backups and tryouts

Things are heating up for our house purchase
and impending move - two days to go!

I have some work done which I haven't yet taken
pictures of but meanwhile I want to share
a few things I'm doing...

When I decided to do the paper cloth idea,
I also made sure I had back up with familiar material,
meaning just fabric, since I wasn't sure how
the paper cloth would turn out.

So while I made the paper cloth,
I also painted two more pieces of fabric,
one with glue and paint,
one with only paint.

This way I have three green backgrounds
to choose from.  Also, the background I don't choose 
would still be painted over for the flowers,
which I would applique on to the background.

I'm going with the just-paint fabric background,
using the glue/paint material for the flowers
and the paper cloth for the tree.

Here are some things I was trying out:

Cheesecloth - dyed and painted

I made this to give the background an out-of focus look.

This was the trial piece; the actual piece is already on the background.

Dyed, glued, sewn - another tryout.

Free-motion stitching on a trial piece.

Fabric leaf on fabric background.

Paper cloth leaf on paper cloth background.

Next: pics of what I'm finally going with...

Stay tuned!

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