Friday, July 20, 2012

Textile Project: The "update" post -

Oops - did I say update?  But you see how I 
snuck the word between quotation marks? Ha!


Somewhere between jumping headfirst into the wild world of
milk kefir, water kefir and sourdough starter-making,
and reading up on things like aquaponics (why now???)
and navigating my way through the cardborad cartons 
that DaddyBoy has thoughtfully strewn the apartment with,
I'm working on the project - honest!

Getting the colors together - can you see the yumminess?

See? Progress!!!!

Those four swatches are not fabric, but paper!

Of course, the room I euphemistically, but only in my head,
refer to as my 'studio' is filled with staggering towers
of cardboard cartons, again courtesy the man of the house.

Yes, we're moving.
Yes we need to pack those DVDs we never
watched in the last seven years but desperately need.  

Yes, my sewing machine will survive the intrusion.

White muslin, yellow tissue and cheesecloth.

So, between keeping the apartment spic and span
for showing to prospective new renters
(despite said cardboard carton towers)
who may, and do, drop in at any time,
I've been thinking of HOW I want to approach the fabric.

The paper and cheesecloth will go on top of the muslin.

I had thought all along I'd do what I normally do:
layer lots of fabric and yarn and ribbon 
embellish with embroidery.
and jazz up the whole thing with beads and sequins.

But that's NOT the way I've decided to do this!

I have two words for you - paper cloth!

I think this can be done a few different ways,
but the basic idea is to adhere layers of paper to 
a muslin base, and add texture with stuff like cheesecloth.

You can paint as you go, add ribbon, yarn, foil, whatever.
If you're using glue it will take a while to dry,
but once dry it can be cut and sewn just like fabric,
but a strong, non-fraying type of fabric.

There. That's the technique I'm going with.  I think.
Did I mention I've never done this before?
And that we just began Ramadan?
And that the NanoBot always has her nose in my work,
us being the un-schooly types?

And that we're moving?  Next week?

Now excuse me while I go feed my baby starter.
Sourdough bread, please wait up!


Cao said...

Ahem - those DVD's ARE important, excuse me. Who knows when we'll need to watch He-Man and the Masters of the Universe again? Otherwise, oh boy, so much to do...I'll try and take out the "nanobot" as often as possible for you, I swear.

Oh and love you too.

Abdullah said...

hahaha :) I cant imagine how you are managin all those things! interesting colours and ideas... i would not know where to begin with stuff like that!!! I'm sure as mentioned before.. He Man and stuff like that is will you relive the 90s?... and the fact that the lil one keeps peeking into your work to review it is like having a jury at home! :) hehe

Ramadan Mubarak!