Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New project!

So, my textile piece for the Niagara Region is all done - whew!
Meanwhile, our house is still in a shambles from the move,
but it's slowly starting to become somewhat organized.
Thank goodness I don't have a deadline for THAT!

While I was still busy with the textile project,
I was offered the opportunity to work with
and upcoming children's magazine, out of the U.K.

All I could think was WOW!!!
Also, does it have to be NOW???
With my hands full of paints and beads and a looming deadline???

Luckily, the editor gave me time,
and with the textile project all done and submitted,
I'm ready for this new challenge!

There will be four main characters
who will appear in every issue.

This is my first sketch based on the
character briefs they gave me.

The magazine will be called Discover.

Isn't that a lovely name?

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