Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Okie dokie, here's more work I did for the magazine:

An interactive coloring page,

more postures for the four main characters,

a double-spread for a story about soccer...and sign language.

I find the articles amazing - this second issue has 
a fascinating story about the history of paper,
and the differences between papyrus (reeds),
parchment (animal skin),
and ancient paper (tree bark and rags).

Working on the soccer story pics, I discovered that
while ASL uses only one hand,
British Sign Language for the alphabet is two-handed!

So cool!

No wonder they decided to call the magazine "Discover".

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Cao said...

I love the coloring book page you made but perhaps it's a little too detailed for coloring? But I guess that also depends on the age group of kids going to color that page. Don't change it, I like it either way :) PS. So proud of you babe <3