Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Going sculptural

With a great big fabric bead.

I wanted to switch to something a little organic in shape,
and decided to try a fabric bead.

Well, for something so simple looking, this was a huge pain to make - it was so hard to get the shape right!  And then I couldn't encase it properly in the top fabric, and had to disguise the horrible creases with random stitches all over the bead. 

Luckily, those came out pretty neat, and give the bead a subtle coloration and texture.  Of course the teeny meeny beads add to the charm of the big mommy bead.  So it all turned out OK in the end, although it's not entirely finished.  I attached the chain to connector rings, which I simply pushed into stitches on either side, but I need to find a better way than that :)

I'm thinking of making my next bead with only the random stitches
and seed beads, no other ornamentation.
That will make it more sculptural, I think.


Saimese said...

oooh I have the matching ring! looks great :D

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, the ring. I'd forgotten about that. THAT was a pain to construct too. Hope you still wear it :)