Book and bugs

This book was a long time in the making,
but now it's done and ready for printing.

Here's the cover:

And the very last page:

It's always great to wrap up a project!

With the weather so beautiful now
I can hardly bear to stay indoors for long.
The NanoBot is out all the time,
'making observations', as as she says,
of her beloved bugs.

She has a whole booklet worth of mental notes
about potato bugs, for instance.
By the way, when we say potato bugs,
we mean the cute little pill bugs that like
to roll up in a ball, not the other kind of
potato bug that actually infests potato plants.

Apparently, baby potato bugs have white legs.

I didn't know!

But we looked them up and discovered that 
the babies are in fact all white when they are born.

Like so:

Neat, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Masha Allah

Great job!

Dad looks like Jeff a

Nanobot is a good observer... Hm maybe the future Jane Goodall?

Azra Momin said...

Ha ha - Jeff is more red-headed, and less wide in the face :) Actually, the dad was based on photographs that the author sent me!

I think the Nanobot is more the future Joy Adams; she loves Born Free :)