Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Some day I'll post some jewelry pics...

Late spring in Southern Ontario = very nice.
All I want to do is sit outdoors in the cool breeze.
But actually, I'm not really.  Well, not that much.
But there is so much other outdoor stuff going on, 
especially with the NanoBot
(since we're not in the school system)
that it evens out anyways.

But...I do have illustration deadlines.
And I AM trying to work on them.

And I have TONS of pictures that I need to upload,
only not the time to go through them all
and make them web-ready.

Some of them being pics of my fabric jewelry
(made ages ago but still trapped in my camera).

One day soon... :)

Meanwhile, here's a painting (also made a while back).

I call it Rain and the Beachmat.

The NanoBot thinks I made beans falling out of the sky.
Maybe I did?

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