Saturday, June 8, 2013

Upon a Beam of Moonlight

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My latest venture was with first-time author, Lisa Torres.

"Lisa Torres is a Heilkunst practitioner who specializes in holistic family care,
abuse recovery and travel health. Her international practice based in Ottawa,
Canada, serves women and mothers in English, French, and Spanish.
Her journey thus far has led her around the world and back and from
sickness and despair to health and love. While she previously lived by default
she now lives by inspired design with her beloved husband
and two phenomenal children." 

Simply put - just a story about a girl and a box.

As it says on the book blurb:

A daddy has a little girl.
He also has a box.
He loves his little girl,
and he loves his box.
Can he get the girl
to love the box too?
What if she can’t?
Can they ever be happy?

Behind the quirky illustrations
is a tale of love and acceptance.

I like the universal message of the book.
And that it's for everyone, young and old.

Lisa is working on French and Spanish editions as well.
For more about her Hielkunst practice,
visit her website

The book is available here as pdf or hard copy,
or you can download it to your iPad right here.

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