Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wrapped around a finger...

I've been working on a new book with author Asma Zaman,
with whom I collaborated on an earlier book featuring 
twin brothers Muhammed and Musa.

This new book is also about them.
And how they get into trouble.

The illustrations are a long way from being done,
but these are a few initial sketches I made:

I'm hoping I can do more soon!

Meanwhile, here's a ring a while ago,
using a bezel base this time.

I'm working on a technique that will allow me to
create the textured look I like, while minimizing frayed edges.
Hence the bezel - it keeps the textile work contained in the frame.

The bezel is from Michael's, but I'm hoping
to find something a little more ornate.

Still, it was great to work on something different.
This particular piece already belongs to a new owner.

More coming soon!

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