Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Illustration in British Sign Languge

Sahera Khan, a UK writer, is creating a book for deaf children,
and she asked me to submit a sample.

The entire book will be in British Sign Language, or BSL.

BSL is two-handed, as opposed to ASL, which uses one hand.

The brief was to keep the imagery very spare,
and the colors solid. And to show various cultures.

I did these two drawings for her.

And then I developed the first sample into this:

There are several other illustrators also submitting samples,
and I may not be the one picked,
but it was lovely to explore yet another 
facet of human communication.

In between I also did a small illo for Azizah.
This was for a piece by Julie Mair,
for whom I illustrated a sweet book called 
some time ago.

Julie writes wonderfully,
but my picture was too obscure for the mag,
and it was not picked.

The article was about how the 
whispers of our own heart sometimes
lead us astray.

Meanwhile, Azizah is doing a profile piece on me
(I still can't believe it!!!),
which should be out soon!  YAY!


Stephanie Rehkopf said...

These illustrations are great Azra! Congratulations to you as well. I hope you and your family are doing well. Can I ask you what software you use? I have a photoshop elements program but wondered if there was something else I would find more beneficial.

Unknown said...

Hey Stephanie! Great to hear from you! I use PhotoShop and Illustrator - I have the really ancient versions, but they serve me well! Do explore them - you'll find lots of info and tuts on Youtube. Hope that helps :)

Sahera said...

Salaam, Maa Shaa Allah, thank for shared. Keep in touch.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Sahera - do let me know about your book when it comes out!