Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Art and animals

I thought I'd share some of the Nanobot's drawings over the years.
It's funny how some things are still the same -
she still draws straight with pen,
no pencils or erasers for her!

It's pretty much animals all the way :)

Cats and bunnies rule supreme,but I've seen
lemurs, elephants, horses, tigers, seals, dinosaurs,
butterflies, anteaters, wolves, pandas, snakes
...and then some.

This first drawing is from when she was exactly 2 and a half.

Each picture tells a definite story,
which she remembers with clarity
no matter how long ago it was.

At seven she still draws the same way,
still loves the same critters,
and still won't use a pencil or eraser :)

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