My twisty-turn-y path

Wait. Twisty-turn-y?

But you know what I mean :)

I'm sure your path was never a straight line either!

So I thought I'd share a tiny bit about my art journey so far.

My earliest art memory is of "drawing" on my Nani's flagstone courtyard with water, watching it quickly evaporate in the heat. I was about two years old.

Then once, when I was about four, waking up very early, and sitting quietly by myself in the half-dawn, sketching in a notebook.

Since then I have explored so many different paths - working as an apprentice at an ad agency before I graduated from high school, studying electronics and almost signing up for further studies in computer science, studying economics (I don't really know why), studying interior design (I got a job as junior designer before I graduated, and I discovered I liked commercial design (more functionality-based) over residential design (usually more decoration-based). I once set up a home staging company with another deisgner, but this came years later.) Studying pedagogy (I worked in a bunch of schools off and on, but when I had my daughter I opted for school-free learning. Go figure!)


There was much more learning and exploring and many different kinds of jobs in between. Throughout though, art was always my solace, and I continued to dabble in it, even exhibiting and selling my work - lots of architecture, orchids, arabesque art, and vintage textiles-inspired paintings. So fun!

To now, where my main work is book illustration, therapeutic art workshops, and lots of personal art explorations.

There's a whole other story about how I got to that, but basically, I came full circle.

And now I'm fully immersed in art-making, and so, so grateful that there is no end to artistic exploration.

So here's my take-away from all this.

Art is a primal expression. We all have it, even if it sometimes gets lost or buried.

We all have a unique artistic voice. And to discover it is worth the journey. No matter how twisty-turn-y it gets.

Because we need our art, and the world needs our art.

Especially now.

If you have read this far, know that your art is important, and that your artistic voice is important.

So keep creating. Keep discovering yourself.

And thank you for walking this path with me.

What has your creative journey been like?

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