A little about me -


I am an expressive arts coach, book illustrator, and mixed media artist

drawing my way through life in the beautiful Niagara region of Canada.

I facilitate expressive self-discovery through diverse mediums such as paint, textiles,

collage, and creative writing. Using simple techniques I encourage participants to unearth

their innate creativity and to get closer to their true selves. My workshops and retreats

combine creative expression with imagination, intuition, metaphor, and story-telling.

I've had the pleasure to collaborate with authors and publishers around the world,

winning awards for illustration as well as writing.

My paintings are in private collections in several countries, and my textile work

is part of a permanent exhibit with the Niagara Region Government.

I am deeply moved by the forms, textures, and colors of nature, a
nd I hope to share

accessible art-making as a means of creating joy and gratitude in the world.

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